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The Wow Factor

Estate Sale “Wow Factor” — If your Sale Has It, Please Don’t Get Rid Of It!!

When you have 100’s of $5.00 items and 100’s of $10.00 items and you combine them with some highly collectible or highly valuable items like cars, jewelry, art works, and antiques in an estate sale combined with large crowds, 90 to 95% of the contents of the estate will sell and this means more MONEY in your pocket, and all while getting the place cleared out.

It is those nicer more expensive items that help sell all those little items so don’t sell a select few valuable items on your own. The money you might make selling these items will not make up for the money you lose because your estate sale is picked over already. Your sale will suffer from having a poor turn out because the stuff for sale is just that, “STUFF”.

We don’t just sell junk. We sell the items people want and the junk sells along with it. If you don’t’ have items people want, then you are left with just junk!! Remember this and save the good stuff to sell with all the small things. You will be totally amazed at how many people will show up to the sale and how much more money you will make.

It’s important to have big ticket items that help draw crowds and present a “Wow Factor” to the sale. If you sell off the better items on your own, this will potentially prevent you from obtaining the value of all the little items.

We have witnessed both scenarios. In one estate sale we saw (not ours), the house had thousands of small items (kitchen items, hand tools, clothes and shoes, towels and sheets, etc.) and no “Wow Factor”. The attendance was very small and at the end of the sale, they had well over 50% of their items remaining. And they made little money.

We witnessed another sale (again not ours) where they had several nice “Wow Factor” items (several antiques, several nice art works, some valuable jewelry as well as a lot of costume jewelry, and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle). On Saturday morning at 9:00a.m. when they opened their doors, they had over 200 people waiting in line to get in. At the close of the sale Sunday afternoon, they had less than 5% of their items remaining and they made a great deal of MONEY.

So if you have a “WOW FACTOR”. . . don’t lose it.