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Estate Sale Services

Every estate sale is different. We don’t just do estate sales, we also assist people who are relocating, moving or just down-sizing.

When we first receive a telephone call from a prospective client, we will ask several questions to determine their needs before we arrange for a face to face meeting. For instance, we will ask what is to be included in the sale and of course exactly where the sale will take place. If we feel we can be of assistance, we will then schedule a FREE FACE TO FACE CONSULTATION meeting at the property. Please have all family members remove everything they would like to keep prior to our viewing of the property.

At our meeting, if we agree to work together:

  • We will review our contract for our services.
  • We will begin our work once the contract is signed.
  • We will evaluate, organize and stage the home as needed for the sale.
  • We will bring tables and clothing racks to display merchandise to maximize sales.
  • We will provide display locking cases for your jewelry and other valuables.
  • We will take hundreds of pictures for our online advertising.
  • We will do extensive research on the value of your possessions.
  • We will place price-tags on items in the home and garage.
  • We will create several appealing online ads to attract buyers.
  • We will advertise heavily online and to our vast network of connections.
  • We will place “Estate Sale Signs” at all intersections near the property.
  • We handle all in-coming phone calls and emails.
  • We provide expert sales staff on sale days.
  • We provide security for your belongings on sale days.
  • We conduct a 1, 2 or 3-day sale depending upon the size of the estate.
  • We will control access in and around home during the sale.
  • We accept most major credit cards and personal checks up to $100 with a proper ID and drawn on a local bank. We collect a 2.5% service charge on all credit card sales.
  • We collect Florida Sales Tax on all sales unless buyer has a Florida Sales Tax exemption certificate.
  • Transparency, you will receive a sales accounting report within ten (10) business days after the completion of the sale.
  • We customize our services to meet your needs.
  • Remember, our services cost you nothing up front. We pay for all advertising, administrative, sales and security staff, and everything else needed. We are not paid until the sale is finalized.


  • Don’t throw anything out!! Sometimes those old magazines or old toys can be valuable collectibles. Let us determine what has value and what can be donated and/or thrown away.
  • Unless you really want to, don’t give anything away. That old chair that the neighbor says they would truly love to have just might have some serious value.
  • Specific items may be offered for sale in a more profitable market or venue. Please allow us to decide which avenue is best to maximize sale proceeds and money to you.
  • Just because something isn’t antique, or vintage doesn’t mean it doesn’t have real value.
  • An old looking oil painting that your mother had in the attic forever just maybe worth thousands of dollars.
  • It necessary, obtain all keys form family, neighbors and/or friends so access to your home is limited.


These are just a few suggestions in your estate sale planning. Please call or email us for more in-depth information regarding our estate sale services. (813) 340 – 8836